Dr. Leonard Soku

International Evangelist

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leonard Soku comes from the Volta Region of the Republic of Ghana in West Africa. Born into a polygamous family, his father had ten wives and four concubines. Though born to parents who were not educated, Brother Leo as he is now popular called, had the privilege to be sent to school. From middle school, by God’s divine plan, he furthered his education through higher levels. He trained as a teacher and later on became one of the gifted Business Education teachers in Ghana and Nigeria.

He taught in various institutions in Ghana, which included the present Komenda College of Education. In Nigeria, he headed the Business Department of Government College, Pankshin in Plateau State. He was a Co-opted Inspector of Business Subjects in second cycle institutions in Plateau State, Nigeria. He was a visiting Tutor/Lecturer at the Federal College of Education, Pankshin, Plateau State in Nigeria, where he lectured.

He has authored a number of books on spiritual warfare and deliverance.
This book has changed the prayer life of ministers of the Gospel and all those who have read it.)”

Read Books by Leonard Soku

Biblical Fasting & Prayer


Part 1 gives the basics of fasting, including how to start fasting, what to do during the fasting period and how to break your fast. Part 2 teaches on prayer, which must be taught in order for it to be effective, just as Jesus taught his disciples to pray in Luke 11. Grab a copy today and learn how to get yourself empowered and delivered in the Lord Jesus Christ!

How to Break Curses


This book explains what a curse is, types of curses and how people come under them. You will learn how to identify any curse upon your life and how these can be broken. Learn about curses from the biblical perspective and how you can also be set free from them. Be encouraged by reading this book to learn more about your family history and receive divine blessings in Christ Jesus in place of every curse! Amen!

Delivered From Voodoo & Witchcraft by Christ Vol. I – (Not for Sale) – Free Edition


Recommended by theological professors in a number of foreign universities, this book and its follow-up “Breaking through the Kingdom of Darkness, Vol. 2” is a must-read for any Christian who desires victory over the devil. Get a copy and take your first step to conquering the Kingdom of Satan and living a victorious life in Jesus Christ!

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