Biblical Fasting & Prayer

Part 1 gives the basics of fasting, including how to start fasting, what to do during the fasting period and how to break your fast. Part 2 teaches on prayer, which must be taught in order for it to be effective, just as Jesus taught his disciples to pray in Luke 11. Grab a copy today and learn how to get yourself empowered and delivered in the Lord Jesus Christ!

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Biblical Fasting and Prayer
Are you tired of not seeing results after prayer and fasting? Do you want a revelation of the power behind fasting and prayer? Jesus told his disciples that some things cannot be overcome by prayer alone but only by prayer with fasting (Mark 9:28-29 KJV). Fasting is important but many people do not know how to fast properly. This book teaches how to pray and fast effectively as a Christian. It reveals the power that is available through prayer with fasting. You will learn how to get results from praying and fasting, including self-deliverance.



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